Singapore – Guangzhou Cultural Exchange 2018

For this exhibition, there is a total of 40 pieces of artworks. Among them are some traditional and contemporary Batik paintings, an art form unique to Southeast Asia, which we specially want to share with our friends in Guangzhou China. Batik painting is a complicated process in which the artists have to apply multiple layers of waxing and colouring to establish the intricacy of the designs. I hope our artists-friends in Guangzhou will appreciate our humble offering of artworks and give us their sincere critique and support. I also hope that this exhibition and cultural exchange will strengthen the friendship between our two countries. Through discussions and mutual exchange of ideas and knowledge, I hope this will broaden our horizon.

Cultural Exchange Art Exhibition 2018

Exhibition Dates : 8th – 11th June 2018 
Venue : 

Guest of Honour : Dr Ho Kah Leong, the president of the Singapore Arts Federation

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