Singapore Teachers’ Art Society

The society has been organizing numerous activities for its members. Besides the annual art exhibitions, the members participated in art camps, talks, forums, painting classes and outdoor painting sessions. These activities help in the development of art among the teachers. The society also organized painting trips overseas which provide expansive and enriching experiences. To date, the society had held exhibitions and cultural exchanges in Austria, Europe, Canada, Japan, China, Korea and India.

Our History

The Singapore Teachers’ Art Society is a non profit organization. It started in February 1989. The organization is open to all teachers and all persons in the educational field who are interested in Art. The objectives of the society are:

  • To promote Art Education in Singapore
  • To raise the quality of teaching Art/Crafts in schools
  • It is also to serve as a community centre for all the art teachers to upgrade their professionalism.

Our activities include an annual art exhibition, annual art camp, weekly painting sessions, conducting art courses to assist teachers in their teaching (on request) and painting trips. At times, courses, workshops and visits (locally and abroad) are organized to provide not only enrichment but also opportunities for interactions between teachers and artists.

Join Us

At present, there are 118 life members and 85 ordinary members.
The fee for life membership is S$150/= and the ordinary membership’s subscription is S$20/= per annum.