Aspirations 2012

Art Exhibition 2012 by Singapore Teachers’ Art Society And Artists from Penang 2012

Guest of Honour : Dr Ho Kah Leong  (The President of Singapore Art Federation)

Exhibition Dates : 28th – 30th May 2012
Venue :
Ngee Ann Exhibition Hall, Ngee Ann Cultural Centre

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President Message

The objectives of the Singapore Teachers’ Art Society are to promote art education in Singapore and to encourage art appreciation among our members, students and members of the public.

The aesthetics have an important place in the life of an individual. Quality of life is not only measured by the amount of material, wealth and individual accumulation of assets. It comes when we are able to attain a balance in the way we live our lifes. Art as an aesthetic form helps us grow emotionally and intellectually. Through the process of creation, we develop qualities of both heart and mind. I am glad to see that the Ministry of Education has given more funds and support to schools in developing teachers and students in the area of arts.

Last year during June holidays, we organised a trip to Penang and met with the members of the Penang Teachers’ Art Circle and the Penang artists. We had a very meaningful cultural exchange programme with them. We have also built up a close friendship between the artists from the two countries. This year we have invited the Penang artists to participate in our exhibition. We are very pleased to have nine of them joining us for this exhibition. We thank them for their full support.

On display are about 160 pieces of artworks done by our teachers and the artists from Penang. Behind these works of beauty and creativity are hours of solid work and effort put in by our participants. Some of the artworks that we have produced for this exhibition are the creation from last year’s visit to Bali, Penang and China. We have captured the beautiful sceneries of these places on our canvas. We hope that you, our friends and guests will enjoy our presentation , and give us your sincere comments.

On behalf of our society, I would like to express my most sincere thanks to our Guest-of-Honour, Dr Ho Kah Leong for gracing the occasion. We especially thank Ngee Ann Cultural Centre, Lee Foundation Singapore, The Singapore Arts Federation and Universal Travel Corporation and China Express Travel (S) Pte Ltd for their contribution and support.

Yam Yok Lun
Singapore Teachers’ Art Society